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1. Ultra-filtration (UF) & Micro-filtration (MF)


  • Excellent Hydrophilic
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Anti-Oxidation and Anti-pollution


  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Seawater Desalination

Technical Specifications

Parameter UF-MAXPURE-OB160
Membrane material PVDF
Membrane area(m2) 30
MWCO(Dal) 100000
ID and OD of fiber (mm) 0.7/1.2
Filtration type Outside-in
Module diameter(mm) 160
Module length(mm) 1200
Shell material UPVC
Seal casting materials Epoxy Adhesive
Feed pressure(MPa) <0.2
Operation temperature(℃) 5-45
PH range 2-11
Air flush flux(m3/h) 3-6
Air flush pressure(MPa) <0.1
Backwash water flux(L/m2h) 100-150
Bacterial rejection 99.9999%
TMP 0.15MPa
Short-term residual chlorine tolerance range 500ppm

2. MBR

The technologies most commonly used for performing secondary treatment of municipal wastewater rely on microorganisms suspended in the wastewater to treat it. Although these technologies work well in many situations, they have several drawbacks, including the difficulty of growing the right types of microorganisms and the physical requirement of a large site.

The use of microfiltration membrane bioreactors (MBRs), a technology that has become increasingly used in the recent years, overcomes many of the limitations of conventional systems. These systems have the advantage of combining a suspended growth biological reactor with solids removal via filtration.

The membranes can be designed for and operated in small spaces and with high removal efficiency of contaminants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria, bio-chemical oxygen demand, and total suspended solids. The membrane filtration system in effect can replace the secondary clarifier and sand fil-ters in a typical activated sludge treatment system. Membrane filtration allows a higher biomass concentration to be maintained, thereby allowing smaller bioreactors to be used.

Key advantages:

The main reasons why MBR has come into focus for the treatment of effluent are twofold:

1. The final effluent is of a very high quality. The environmental agencies favor MBR because not only are discharges of biosolids completely avoided, but also specific chemical contaminants, such as pesticides, etc. are removed.

2. An MBR is now a favored wastewater treatment option for industrial processors faced with ever increasing environmental demands and costs. MBR not only occupies far less space than conventional treatment systems but it is also affordable.

Although MBR technology for wastewater treatment is now well established it is important to select the system most suitable for the task. For low strength-high volume wastewater, for example - sewage, low ultrafiltration energy costs per cubic-metre are important. This requirement is usually best met by a submerged membrane process. However, for high strength-low volume wastewater, the capital and operating costs for ultrafiltration are low relative to the total COD load, and cross flow MBR is often the best choice.

Most industrial wastewater falls into the second category. For the treatment of this wastewater, cross-flow MBR has been found to have many advantages.

Product Information:

Model  fiber inner and outer diameter(mm) Dimension size a×b(mm) Membrane area(㎡) Permeate water quantity(t/d) Outlet turbidity(ntu) Outlet suspended solids(mg/l)
GRT-MBR-MPmBL 1.2/1.8 200×2050 12 3.6-5.4 <0.3 <1

a. NovaPure

GRT produces an advanced water purification system for House-hold Applications.

Why GRT’s NovaPure Advanced Water Purification System is unique?

  • Uses superior and durable nano-pore hollow fiber membranes not only to purify any form of impure water but to kill toxic chemicals, viruses, parasites and bacteria’s 
  • SEVEN stages of purification make sure that you always get 100% clean and tasty drinking water
  • Removes total dissolved solids (TDS) up to 2000 ppm in the impure water
  • Provides healthy and pure water by filtering Fluorine (F) and Arsenic (As), the most harmful metallic elements, for better living
  • Ensures to kill not just once but also at the final stage of filtration using an UV lamp
  • Assures highly permeable resulting in high water production rates @ 10-12 liters/hour that ensures you won’t run out of drinking water at any circumstances 
  • Ensures odor-free pure drinking water
  • Protects from a sudden voltage instability covering wide range between 110 to 300 VAC

GRT’s propriety HF membrane provides:

  • Higher filtration throughput than the conventional filtrates
  • Extends the life of RO membrane, thus ensures low operating cost
  • Longevity
  • GRT’s NovaPure water filtration system is customizable  

b. Industrial Applications

  • Product informations will be available soon

GRT is developing a growing portfolio of products focused on meeting essential gas purification needs. Product informations will be available soon.

Product informations will be available soon.

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