Galaxy Research Technologies,   Ph.No: 9444877555,

Galaxy refers group of stars. Group of multidisciplinary researchers, as stars, started a product-oriented Research and Technology company in 2011 that translates to Galaxy Research Technologies, in short, GRT.

GRT focuses on hollow fiber membrane technology development for water purification and gas separation systems, and green energy products (battery). Further, GRT extends its support to make research collaboration with colleges, universities, institutions and development of product application with similar industries.

GRT provides development assistance from early application to successful implementation. Through our extensive background and experience, water/gas purification processes have been/are being developed. Our customers benefit from our experience, process knowledge, full-factory testing, and installation assistance and after sales support. GRT will supply the best equipment to meet customer needs.

  • To pioneer the implementation of reliable, efficient and cost-effective technologies by carrying out applied research in water purification, gas separation and energy storage to making the products in an environmentally-sound manner
  • To establish a strong brand in the domestic and commercial customer sector, with adequate products
  • To operate our business as efficiently as possible, while at the same time increasing productivity and profitability

We adhere to the highest level of ethics both professionally and personally

  • Quality: We provide superior quality, efficient and consistent output in all our research and development operations
  • Integrity: In GRT, we treat every individual with honesty, trust, fairness and self-esteem in all endeavors. In any circumstance, we are highly transparent to our staffs, customers, suppliers, partners and investors
  • Innovation and Intuition: Create the value of innovative research by thinking beyond the existence and working in the intuition level to achieve the goal
  • Customer satisfaction: We place our highest priority on tackling customer’s problems and providing a sustainable solution to them. This ensures our success and growth of our customer
  • Staff: Main pillars for this home of innovation are our research experts and staffs. We value their involvement and respect them by stimulate teambuilding, exchange of ideas, brain storming and recognize their individual contribution which enlighten a clear cut solution for any sort of challenging problems
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